Real Estate Marketing has evolved greatly. Clients now expect more than nice photography for an effective listing. Clients want to have state of the art videography for their homes. EZ Media Productions is able to provide professional video home tours at an effective cost for our clients. Our home tours have increased average sale prices of our clients homes and have gained our clients more listings.

How do we do it?

-EZ Videography: EZ Media Productions uses top of the line cameras and lenses for our video home tours. With our cameras and trained videographers, EZ Media Productions tells the story of each home in a unique manner. Videography allows us to capture the character and essence of each home by focusing on features of the home.

-EZ Drone - Our EZ Media Productions Team is made up of the best licensed and experienced Drone pilots in the area. Our Pilots are highly trained and use top of the line Drones to capture each home. Our Drone Pilots carefully analyze each home and focus on the selling points, while capturing the entire property.

-EZ 3D - EZ Media Productions utilizes the latest technology in Matterport 3D tours. Our 3D tours provide a unique experience for our clients and allow the viewer to virtually walk through the client's home.

-EZ Movies - EZ Media Productions Video Home Tours are made up of videography, drone, and EZ 3D. Our experienced team of editors uses the latest software to edit our professional Home Tour Movies. Our editors carefully select the music to tell the story of the client's home. Each home is analyzed and the editing process is very intentional. Each video clip is hand selected and carefully placed in the video. Our Home Tours are very effective at attracting potential buyers.

-EZ Staging - EZ Media Productions offers staging packages at an affordable cost. Staging the home is vital in order to present an attractive product to potential buyers. Our EZ Staging Team offers a few different packages from in-home staging to virtual staging.

EZ Media Production Home Tours