EZ Media Productions offers an affordable marketing solution to small businesses and clients, ranging from Real Estate to Corporate Events, Parties, and Weddings.


The world of marketing has vastly changed in the recent years. Still photography will always be necessary and important, but the need for an effective marketing strategy has never been greater! EZ Media Productions tell the story of each home, small business, event, party, and wedding, using cutting-edge marketing technology. There is a need for a quick, entertaining, and high quality video that captures your event, home, wedding, or small business. These videos are very effective when used properly on social media and on your website! EZ Media Productions specializes in creating a high quality marketing or highlight video for whatever your need is! How it works:

  1. It Takes a Team:
    EZ Media Productions is made up of top photographers, videographers, drone pilots, 3D operators, movie editors, graphic artists, and stagers in the area.  We work together as a team to provide the best quality marketing strategy for your video and photography needs.
  2. Cutting Edge Marketing Tools :
    EZ3D, EZ Drone, EZ Staging, EZ Virtual Staging, EZ photography, EZ Movie Editing, EZ Videography
  3. Marketing Strategy:
    EZ Media Productions is directed by marketing experts who specialize in social media strategy. Using social media, our EZ Media Productions videos captivate viewers and potential customers. Our EZ Media Productions videos bring your home, event, wedding, small business, or party to life. Our marketing experts understand modern movie styles, social media attention spans, and editing techniques. Each piece of footage is carefully selected as well as the music for each video, in order to effectively fit your video and marketing needs.